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    Business Automation - ISP

    There are increasing number of small and medium business organizations stepping into Internet Service Provider (ISP) market. Most of these small/medium Organizations start their business with a lot of manual and paper work involved which ultimately results in employing more people to run the business.

    The Business Automation Product from Vaagai Technologies has been designed to make your business simple and provides the ability to manage all your business process at one place. The Vaagai technologies team has done a lot of analysis to understand the Business problem and Business Need to make the Business Automation Tool a complete solution provider.

    The Business Automation Tool has its own features which helps to manage the employees of an organization starting from Hiring a new employee till the end of the employee's term with the Organization. There are internal tools which helps to manage the timesheet and automatic monthly salary processing for the employees and a central Admin system which can be used to control all these process.

    It has Customer Care tool which is intended to help track the tickets/issues reported by the end customers in the business. This tool helps the business to provide a seamless service to the end customers for their issues. It also has features to Manage the end Customer records and has features which helps to automatically generate monthly customer Bills.

    The Business Automation Product has the below listed tools to serve various business needs. Click on the tool name to know more about them.

    Employee and Timesheet Management

    The employee management tool has been designed to help the Organization to manage all their employees from the point they were hired till the end of their relationship with the Organization. This provides some cool features as listed here,

    • Add a new employee and capture their information in to the secured Web server
    • Admin features to set the format of the automatically generated Employee ID
    • Create Employees at different Organizational hierarchy
    • Employee leave tracking and approval workflow
    • Ability for the Admin to configure the Salary components
    • Timesheet management and approval workflow
    • Automatic Generation of monthly Salary and Pay Slip

    Customer and Billing Management

    Are you a service provider of internet or providing any other service which requires monthly (or of any other frequency) invoice to be produced? “Customer and Billing Management” system is your right choice. With this application you would be able to,

    • Add a new customer online for your service from anywhere
    • Manage all the customer documents online
    • Put a customer on hold for certain period, re-activate and deactivate online
    • Generate different reports from all the available customers
    • Configure automatic invoice generation every month or any other frequency
    • Have the automatically generated invoice to be sent to the customer’s registered email address
    • Manage all the invoice at one place online
    • Generate different reports on the invoice along with day to day invoice financial closure options
    • Provides customer a separate logon screen to view their invoice online and online payment options

    Customer Care Application

    The customer care module helps your customer care representative to,

    • Add a ticket online regarding any customer issue and track it till its closure
    • Manage tickets based on customer branch
    • Prioritize the tickets where the critical ones would be given high visibility
    • Generate different reports on the open, in progress and closed tickets
    • Exclusive features based on the employee role